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WHAT will MEMBER-ZONE do for you?
  1. A cloud based and comprehensive membership management system.
  2. Add new members one at a time or as a batch.
  3. Update address details, phone numbers, email addresses, membership renewal dates, contact preferences,  membership types and payment methods and much more.
  4. Find and search member details in seconds with the advanced search mechanism enabling you to list members by post code, surname, receipt number and more.
  5. List out up-coming membership renewals between from and to dates.
  6. Add your own membership types and group like members together e.g. gold, silver and bronze etc.
  7. Members can login and update their own details thereby saving you time and effort.
  8. In-Zone booking systems are linked to the membership renewal date to control access to your booking schedules.
  9. Delegate administration privilages to other members. The administrator can delegate key duties and responsibilites to other users.
  10. Inactive member records can be removed from the main database and placed in the archive.

PRODUCT highlights
  1. Create and manage your own membership database using the In-Zone cloud based service
  2. Prevent non-paying / subscribing members from making bookings 
  3. Accept online payments and subscriptions for membership fees and renewals
  4. Download your membership database at anytime 

Example Screen Shots
  • Find member search screen
Online cloud based member management system - Find member screen
  • Member details screen
Online cloud based member management system - Member details screen
  • List membership renewals screen
Online cloud based member management system - List membership renewals screen
  • List membership types screen
Online cloud based member management system - List membership types screen
  • Email members summary screen
Online cloud based member management system - Email to members screen
FREQUENTLY asked questions
Q. Will I be charged when I sign up for an account?
A. No. When you sign up for your new Member-Zone account you will not be charged. Nor will you be charged for setting up, adding or amending member records.

Q. Will Member-Zone integrate with other In-Zone Modules?
A. Yes Member-Zone is used by most of the In-Zone products many of which refer back to Member-Zone for key information e.g. the membership renewal date is used by the various booking services to check if member bookings should be accepted or not.

Q. Do I have to have members to use In-Zone Systems?
A. Most systems require Members-Zone to function...the system can be configured to either automatically add them to the database when they book or it can be configured to accept only pre-registered members (recommended). 

Q. Does Member-Zone store credit / debit card details?
A. No In-Zone products do not store sensitive card details.

Q. How do I know when members are due to renew their membership / subscription?
A. Member-Zone can list all forthscoming membership renewals by month and year allowing you to see all forthcoming renewals at a glance.

Q. We currently issue plastic credit card style membership cards. Can these be produced from Member-Zone?
A. Yes. Card-Zone integrates with Member-Zone to produce membership cards.

Last updated on : 08/12/2015
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