Squash League Management System Software
Administer Your Own Squash leagues online
This is a FREE service so why not give it a go and try it for yourself.

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You can set up several Leagues for your club, e.g. Mens, Womens, Juniors or even different goups of people that get together on a specific night of the week.

A league is played over a period of time, e.g. a month, or between to dates i.e. Start and end dates. Once your leagues are published all players can enter their results themselves on-line. When a League is finished you simply close it, preventing any more scores from being entered, rollover the new league (league organisers only), and publish the new league.

Each League is made up of many Divisions and many players within each division. You can have as many divisions as you like within a League and you can give the Divisions whatever name you like, allowing you to have Premier divisions etc.

You assign players to each division from the Members list. The league administrator can perform a variety of tasks inclduing moving players up and down Divisions, alter results, members details or delete players entirely from the League.

Creating the next league is a dodle with the The League Rollover tool which assists you in creating the next League structure. It merely copies the most current League (Divisions and Players) which you rename to provide a new League name and date range. You simply move players up or down the Divisions as required.

If your points structure needs to be different then no problem! The points allocation tool allows you to specify your own scoring system for games played and matches forefit.

Administer Your Own Squash leagues online
The Squash Leagues Bolt Straight into Your Own Website
You use In-Zone to manage Your Squash Leagues and they bolt straight into Your website NOT ours! Here is how it works:

Once you have uploaded your player details and setup your leagues, In-Zone automatically generates a simple link for you to copy into your existing website. This link is unique to your squash league which when clicked displays a vanilla website containing your squash leagues. So by using a simple link your squash league(s) will appear within your existing webiste.

Your squash players can then visit your website click their name and register their results on-line and in real time. the system will process their results and redisplay the squash league in points awarded priority order. We have found that players are encouraged to play their games when they can clearly see their overall league position!
Upload Your Squash League Players straight into the In-Zone Squash League management system
Setting up your own online squash leagues is simple, quick and easy to do. You can even upload all your squash players details using a comma seperated variable file, commonly called a CSV file. So why not start publishing your squash leagues on-line or start your own virtual squash league within your area.

If you are running squash leagues on your PC and manually publishing them to your website you will know what a tedious and time consuming task updating and managing results can be! Add to that the extra work involved in publishing your squash league results to the Internet and your have a monthly job you could do without. Free up your time and play more squash! Obviously you don't want to spend days and days transfering your player informatio into a new system...so we've made it easy to transfer your squash leagues into the Squash League Management System. Most good PC based squash league systems provide a data export facility to CSV format. You can use the exported player data in the CSV file from your PC program to automatically load the In-Zone Squash League Management System with your data.

click here to see an example CSV file ready for uploading to squash league manager.
Upload Your Squash League Players into the squash league management system
Add new divisions & players, update squash match results and more...
The easy to use administration system includes simple point and click features enabling the squash league organiser to manage the divisions within the overall league and also allowing players to be promoted or demoted up or down the various divisions. Furthermore should a player forget to update their scores on-line, or you still maintain paper leagues at your club, the administrator can simply select the player and directly update their match results. Add new squash divisions & players, update match results and more...
Manage Multiple Squash Leagues
Do you have:
  • Junior Squash Leagues
  • Ladies Squash Leagues
  • Mens Squash Leagues
  • Mixed Squash Leagues
  • Double Leagues

    Squash League Manager manages them all from one control panel. So managing multiple leagues such as Mens, Ladies, Juniors, Mixed, Doubles etc. is simple to do from one interface. So now there is no limit to how many alterantive leagues you can create and bolt into your squash club website!

    !!!You can even create a virtual squash league for all the clubs in your area!!!
  • Manage Multiple Squash Leagues
    Input Your own Squash League Match and Points Allocation System
    Concerned that your points system will be lost when you start using squash league manager?

    No need to worry, you can create your own scoring system by simply updating the points allocated to match results with your own values!

    For example, if you:
  • allocate a point for every game won,
  • a point for turning up
  • and 2 points for winning
    you can update the scoring matrix and the system automatically calculates and displays the results!
  • Input Your own Squash League Match and Points Allocation System
    Advanced Automatic Squash League Ranking
    A built-in, finely-tuned ranking system ensures that, after you record your match results you will know your rank relative to other players within your league.

    Virtual Squash Leagues - Multiple Clubs One League
    Squash League Manager is great for managing one or more leagues at a club but it can also generate even more fun and enjoyment when you create a league spanning multiple clubs! Create a league of players playing in and around your area and setup the various divisions as you would for your home squash club leagues.

    Participating players then arrange when and where they want to play, and update your website with their match results. It is completely up to the players to contact their opponents each month and to agree on a time and place to play. If they wish to play all their matches on the final day of the month - thats fine so long as they make sure they get all their results into your website before the new positions are calculated.

    Your Results & Stats Live & Online
    Do you know who keeps the leagues up-to-date? The Players do! Each player is issued with their own unique membership number and password which grants them access to their membership details. From here players can view and update their personal information, check out their match statistics and those of their opponents, and even enter their latest match results. Each time a new match result is entered, personal statistics and the monthly results table are instantly updated.

    Your Results & Stats Live & Online
    Setup Your Squash Leagues Now...
    This is a FREE service so why not give it a go and try it for yourself.

    Click here to setup your leagues now FREE...
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