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Cloud based squash league management system
For a limited time this is a FREE box league service so why not give it a go!

You can set up several Leagues for your club, e.g. Mens, Womens, Juniors or even different goups of people that get together on a specific night of the week.
Players can:
  • Record their match results online
  • Rankings within the league are automatically readjusted according to the results your players enter
  • View league match history - old match results are available for all to see
  • Players can contact other league players via email or text message
  • Contact requests are notified by email or text message to their mobile phone
  • Non members are prevented from viewing player's personal details
    (Surname, Phone numbers, etc)
  • Players maintain their own scores and personal information
Administrators can:
  • Review and amend match results
  • Add remove and update members
  • Manage league properties such as points allocated for each game won, forfeit etc.
  • Create new Divisions, leagues and league periods
  • Automatically rollover old leagues into new
  • Rollover system automatcially moves players up / down into new league period
  • Manually move players up and down a league at a time
  • Email members either all at once or by membership type
  • Upload new members using a csv file
  • Download members to a csv file
  • Batch update all members details
  • Archive none playing members
  • Manage multiple leagues
  • Delegate privilages to other members to help administer the league
Simple to administer and your box league players will love it! Learn More...
Cloud based league management system software for squash clubs and box leagues  
Cloud based league management system software for squash clubs and box leagues
FREE Squash Software
How to run a squash league
These days modern technology makes running a squash league almost no effort at all. On-line packages are available to manage squash players details their league positions and game results. These tasks are all managed by the system based upon the results your league players enter themselves via the on-line squash league system / software. So if you intend to setup a new league, congratulations and here are a few pointers which we hope will make your life easier and encourage your players to play more games ....

Squash League Rules
Most Squash Leagues run on a monthly basis. The league is divided into a number of divisions based on ability. Each division will normally have approximately five players depending on the number of entries. Each player is then responsible for playing all the other players in his/her league before the end of that calendar month, with games played at a time mutually convenient to both parties. Normally the top two players are promoted and the bottom two players are relegated, however this may vary slightly depending on the make up of the divisions at the time...Click here for full list of Rules.

The Rules of Squash
The game of Singles Squash is played between two players, each using a racket, with a ball and in a court, all three of which meet WSF specifications...

  1. Have your racket strung as many times per year as you play in a week i.e 3 times a week player will need their racket restrung every 4 months.
  2. If your strings break you have been playing with the racket too long and it has probably been under performing for some time.
  3. Higher tensions produce less power but more control. Less tension produces more power but less control.
  4. A good indication of how close you are to needing a restring is to pull down the middle cross strings. If they are difficult to pull down then they will be heavily "notched" and the racket is in need of a restring.
Thanks to Joe Green from Leicestershire Lawn Tennis and Squash Club for submitting these tips.
Last updated on : 11/11/2015
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