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Onsite squash court and tennis court booking touchscreen hardware

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Onsite squash court and tennis court booking touchscreen hardware TouchScreen-Booking Zone

WHAT will TOUCH-SCREEN ZONE do for me?
  1. Touch-Screen Zone is ideal for accepting bookings for your squash courts, tennis courts, badminton courts or similar type of facility but generally the facility to be booked will be available for booking in regular timeslots throughout the day.
  2. Accept OnSite bookings via the touch screen display unit. Your members and customers will have at a glance up to date booking and reservation information so that they can see exactly what facilities are booked and what facilities are still available to be booked. Furthermore the touch screen booking system allows members and customers to book and or cancel booking reservations.
  3. The touch screen booking system integrates to the online booking systems ensuring your facilities are synchronised accros both the Internet and Onsite to prevent duplicated booking reservations.
  4. All booking reservation information is displayed in real time.
  5. You and your customers can see if the facility is available at a glance
  6. Helps to reduce your administration while at the same simpliying the booking process and increasing customer satisfaction.

Touch-Screen Installation
Self Installation £FREE
Engineer Installation £POA

Touch-Screen Units
Monthly Rental £POA or
Outright Purchase £POA

Prices subject to VAT 20%

Prices exclude delivery cost £POA
PRODUCT highlights
  1. Typical uses include Booking of Squash Courts, Booking of Tennis Courts, Booking of Snooker Tables or Tennis Courts
  2. Users can see at a glance which courts and/or facilities are booked or are available to book.
  3. Stylish low profile device which can be either wall or desk mounted for easy installation
  4. No installation fee you can install the touch screen yourself!
  5. Integrated membership card reader enables speed booking and user login
  6. Simple user interface provides easy access to all bookable facilities so the onsite touch screen can be used to book tennis courts, squash courts, snooker tables, function rooms etc. all from the same device
  7. Install the device yourself - the touch screen comes preconfigured ready for you to use, all you need to do is plug it to the mains and the internet and turn it on! No complicated installation routines or engineer visits just plug and go!

FREQUENTLY asked questions
    Q. Can the Touch Screen booking system be wall mounted?
    A. Yes it can be wall or desktop mounted. We provide both the wall mounting bracket and the desktop mount for your onsite touch screen booking system. Both of the items are supplied and ready to use out of the box ... all you have to do is decide where best to locate your touch screen booking system, plug the touch screen in and you are ready to accept onsite bookings. Simple!

    Q. Are there any fees other than the cost of the touch screen booking system?
    A. You can choose to rent, purchase or finance your new touch screen booking system but other than an engineer installation (if you feel you need us to install it for you) there is nothing to add.

    Q. How much room does the unit take up?
    A. Very little, when your touch screen booking system is wall mounted it stands proud of the wall by about 4 inches, is about 14 inches wide and 12.5 inches tall.

    Q. Can I have more than one touch screen at my club?
    A. Yes you can have as many touch screen devices at your club as you like. You could even have them located at a totally separate location all your touch screen needs is mains power and an internet connection!

    Q. Can the touch screen booking system be used for booking multiple facilities e.g. Tennis courts, Squash courts and Snooker tables all from the same touch screen device?
    A. Yes the simple to use user interface has been carefully designed to easily accommodate booking of multiple facilities. So if you have more than squash courts and want to include touch screen booking for snooker tables and tennis courts (or any other In-Zone managed facilities) then this system is for you.

    Q. What happens if we decide to move the touch screen(s)?
    A. The touch screen can be moved to any location where a mains and internet connection is available. Such a typical move can be carried out by your own staff or engineer without additional expense.

    Q. Do Onsite Touch Screen bookings appear on the Internet as well as onsite?
    A. All bookings made Onsite or Online via the Internet will appear on both the touch screen(s) and the Internet regardless of where they were booked. (Assumes an Internet connection is available).

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